The Gypsy

The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau

Here’s where our story begins
I don’t think it’ll have an end

“I’m a Gypsy girl”
Once she said to me

I said: “I think we could be friends”
I saw a smile in her face…

Until the day she cried
Her heart in ache

I’m a “wolf-man”
And I’m looking for someone

You’re a Gypsy girl
That doesn’t want to be alone

Darling, you can walk with me
You’re just a happy girl proud to be a Gypsy

Come on, girl! Grab my hand!
Don’t forget to keep your head held high

We’ve got some problems
But everybody does

Let’s party!
Make a Gypsy dance!

Respect your culture
If they can’t understand

I’m so sorry if we can’t be
Ourselves in our homes

Hey Gypsy girl, I can’t read hands
But I can see who you are inside

Gypsy girl, we can proudly walk together
Then we could change lives

Gypsy girl, we could travel together
A friend like you I’m sure is forever

Gypsy girl, we could love together
We could be happy tonight

Someday, Gypsy, you’ll marry
But don’t forget about me

It’s beautiful what comes from the inside
It always shines bright

Girl, come with me tonight
Because we’re gonna fly

I’m a man with a different life
But together we could change lives

You could teach me all the Gypsy dances
We’d be brave enough to take all the chances

Because this is one heart, two lives
And stories no one would believe in

The Gypsy life

Always a new story to tell
Love is her only spell

She’s always ready to fight
Because she loves her Gypsy life

Celebrate the Gypsy life!

She’s always in a different city
The last thing I could say about her: ily

Thank you for the good years
The ones that we learned how to face our fears

Maybe I’ll call her again

She’s a Gypsy.
(Are you coming with me?)



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Petter D

“…And then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that’s not enough, what is enough?” — Vincent van Gogh