Petter D
1 min readMay 27, 2020

I am just like you while I’m walking these streets and stepping on the concretes.
I could not care less about what you think of me.
I got my headphones on, I’m moving with the beats.
Please sir, would you turn up the radio and let me feel the flow?
I don’t want to get low.
I wanna get high.

I think we are all the same in the same game, sharing the same DNA on our blood. So… do you feel it in your veins?
When everything looks bad, I think we’re gonna make it through these days.

Now that I’m riding with the king, I really want to do some crazy thing.
Maybe, just get high with the king.

Tonight I want to fly high, get out of time. Bring back my light.
I want to be the phoenix:
I won’t die, I’ll always come back alive.

Because I know that even sometimes that I don’t feel that strong, phoenix inside me of burns so bright to remind me:
Throughout the sorrow, some people put me through,
I’ll always rise back.
I come back alive.
Every single time.



Petter D

“…And then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that’s not enough, what is enough?” — Vincent van Gogh