I have been shot.
You can’t save me.
All I want is to be happy.
I want to fake who I want to be.
Possibilities of art crime?
Thoughts are faster than a blink.
I’m showing you how I function to think.
The truth sometimes can be hard.
I do think love is a crime of art.

Art is for everyone.
I won’t stop until I’ve won.
I’m flirting a little to get on top.
“We got fifteen minutes!”.
This is what Warhol said.
Art is what I have to say.
Art is what I’ll live today.
I got everything I need for it.
Does anybody know why love fits in art?

I’m alive when I dream.
Nothing is what it seems.
Everyone’s got a crime of art.
I want to have mine.
When my life puts me down
When everything’s on the ground
I’ll be dancing around
Laughing out loud.

This is what “Art Crime” means.
Everybody wants a way to shine.
I can’t believe I’ve said it all.
This is my art crime, whether it rises or falls.
I know I can be dramatical.
I know I’m a little superficial.
Could you love me, or do I have to fall apart?
Because this is what I’m gonna start.

“…And then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that’s not enough, what is enough?” — Vincent van Gogh