(source: NASA)

Seafoam and seashells
I’ll bless you under wedding bells.
I’m full of passion, full of beauty
To those who are graciously witty.

My vague eyes shine bright
To the witness a soul full of life.
I always fall in love with warriors
So, would you be my knight?

I have a burning desire
I need it to be shared.
Love Vulcans to burn for you
But, please, don’t be scared.

I’m a daughter of revenge.
That is something you could say.
But, perhaps, I was conceived
As a form to create amends.

The favorite among the artists,
Botticelli was a good friend.
At every Age, they’ll find new muses
To celebrate my imagery, in the end.



You created me in your head
I’m a perception of your dreams
But I’m not what you think you see.
I can’t be what you want me to be.
I can’t be what you created me to be.
I don’t know if I feel sorry for everything I did,
But I know we were glory.
This is dinasty.

Spinning around eighty-four times,
Distancing myself from you and I,
From afar, I’m a voyeur, I still sympathize.
And even if you didn’t say goodbye
Our history is forever written in the sky.
I’m your ice giant, a creation of you.
You created me in your head
To learn if love could be true.



Yes, I created everything.
All you’re seeing here.
I came from nothing,
But it all came from me.

But now it all hurts.
Who’s there for trust?

Daughter of chaos
Brought it to oneself.
I faced a betrayal
I was trapped in myself.

But I still protect you.
I still live for you.

In me, there is good.
There is evil too.
And how I’ll behave
It’s up to you.



I found myself happy, babe.
It’s been for a long time now.

Some days are rough
But now I know I can go through it.

Babe, I see all the colors, and blue.
I’m sure I’m feeling brand new now.

It’s not raining on my parade
And I want to celebrate.

Let’s party!

Now I smile, nothing can pull me down.
I’m proud of the person I am now.

Can you hear that sound?
Open your heart, and you hear it.

I finally feel happiness.
I feel it running right through my veins.

I’m not afraid, babe.

On my search for liberty
I noticed that freedom was within me.

Who would believe?!



I can’t control my feelings, I feel so animal.

I’m a savage for you, my babe. Call me a cannibal.

If I throw a party tonight, would you be by my side?

I don’t think we need to hide it anymore.

Now that we’re talking let me put this way:

I’m not shy at all, so I can handle all day.

I’m throwing a party tonight

I hope you’re coming tonight.

I just love servicing my babe.

And if we’re loud tonight, I think it’s all alright.

I’m a savage — put my love into a test.

I’m not that cocky — but I know I’m the best.

Try me.

I’ll eat it.

I’m a savage for you.



Petter D

“…And then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that’s not enough, what is enough?” — Vincent van Gogh